Wednesday, March 8, 2017



In these political and divisive times, I'm very appreciative of the organizers of Dirty Kanza for setting aside 200 spots for women. In 2016 this race in Kansas had a 10% women participation rate and this is the organizers' attempt at encouraging more women to take the challenge of riding 200 miles on gravel in one day.  It's what caught my attention and I don't think I would have tried to sign up otherwise. Why? Because this is a brutal race with a completion rate around 50% for both women and men.  And that's on a good day. Also of note is that the race sold out in minutes.

Thus, with today being International Women's Day, I want to thank every community for every action that supports and promotes equality for all. We need this now more than ever, I think.  And I truly believe this is how positive change happens.  We Can Do This.

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