Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Road to Kona

And why it's not going to happen. At least, for now. My plan for this blog was to follow my training for the two years I would allow myself to qualify for the Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona. First thing I needed to do was run a marathon to see if my body would hold up to training and racing. Did I mention that the last time I seriously ran a marathon or did an ironman distance triathlon was twelve years ago?
Doing the marathon went well but it reminded me that I don't like racing on the road anymore. During those dormant years, I ran the  The Deadwood Michelson Trail Marathon and loved it. And I recently moved to mountain bike/trail running country. It's here that I quickly discovered endurance races on trails and realized that this is what gets me excited. Very excited. I'm not young anymore but I still have a lot of adventure to experience. So to focus my time and energy on a dream of the past doesn't make sense right now. Moving forward into new challenges does.  It's where I want to go. Where I need to go.
This year's agenda: Dirty Kanza 200.   Carson City Off-Road 50 milerTahoe Trail 100k

Note: I was trying to sell my 2005 Felt S32 triathlon bike and someone mentioned it was overpriced and obsolete. Funny. Maybe I really don't want to sell it. It would be fun to know if an obsolete gal and her obsolete bike could compete with the best out there. Maybe next year.