Friday, February 24, 2017

Tour de Placer Roubaix

I didn't think I'd be ready for this ride. Having taken a couple of months off from riding to focus on my final weeks of Marathon training, getting a post marathon cold, then having Northern California be pummeled by rain and more rain, I felt 48 miles might be too much too soon. But a week before the event, I downloaded the ride and saw that it only had about 2400ft of climbing. I can do that! Around here, it's usually just over 100ft of climbing for every mile so I thought, this will be an easy ride. Not!

As I was descending Yankee Jim's Rd into the North Fork of the American River canyon, I knew too well what this meant. The ride back up was going to be long and hard. And a lot more climbing than the 2400ft I was expecting. But my weapon of choice was my Fate hard tail and as some skinny cross bike people were running out of low gears, I was able to spin (and cuss) my way to the top and eventually to the finish, 48 miles and 5354ft of climbing later.

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